Graduate/Junior Frontend Developer

London, England   |   Full Time

A great opportunity for a graduate with a talent and desire to develop fabulous consumer interfaces and become part of a ground-breaking team that is looking to shake up how consumer lifestyle technology products are sold. 

Launching in 2021 Situ Live has ambitions to become a first-choice destination to discover and choose the latest and best innovation products designed to make life better. 

We will be showcasing the ultra-cool new brands shoppers don't know alongside the big brands they do. A blend of online and physical retailing: Our live experiential showroom in Westfield London brings some of the magic of theatre to how we shop for lifestyle technology products. 

Our presenters bring products to life with live storytelling and live streamed content whilst our knowledgeable advisors help shoppers understand the products better and guide them to the best places to buy online. 

Our digital platform manages and presents product information across our catalogue of entertainment, home, work, communications, wellness, sport, travel and more. Our easy-to-use digital shopping content and tools take the stress out of choosing what’s right for shoppers. We then connect shoppers to their favourite places they can buy the product.

The role

We are looking for a talented Graduate/Junior Frontend Developer who will play a significant role in creating best in class interfaces and outstanding interactive consumer apps. Whilst you may not have a lot of industry experience you will be able to demonstrate a passionate interest in rich, creative interface design and the latest technologies and development processes. You are a team player, can communicate ideas articulately and a fervent desire to learn quickly. 

As a new and agile team, we have the benefit of always using the latest frontend technologies and frameworks. Our tech stack is predominantly Azure based, we are using  the latest version of Angular/Angular Universal and follow a MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless) approach to our product development. 

You will be   comfortable working in a fluid manner using Agile methodologies and following test driven development principles (TDD). Our team all work from home with a requirement to commute to occasional events with the technology, product or full team – these will involve travelling to Manchester, London and Reading.

You will need to be the type of individual who pushes boundaries, always looking to improve your knowledge, and whose heart skips a beat when you discover a new method, or you solve that tricky problem.  As we develop our services there will be opportunities to develop immersive experiences using experiential and cognitive technologies – including voice, mixed reality, livestreaming and geospatial services.

You will be   obsessed with pristine code, elegant UI design and delivering UX that facilitates growth and satisfaction.

Proactive, self-motivated, self-aware, able to work alone as well as develop relationships working as an integral part of a team in a fast-paced environment.

Skills and experience

  • 1 Year experience in a relavant role OR a degree in a relavant subject
  • Html 5, CSS and CSS Pre-processors (SASS, LESS, etc).
  • Front end languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, etc.
  • Angular/Angular Universal and some experience with React, Vue and others.  
  • Frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.
  • Transform and improve UI designs into elegant responsive interfaces.
  • Understanding of dev tools, IDEs, devOps, performance tools and version control.

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